By agreeing to these terms you and any participants you purchased tickets for are responsible for their health and wellbeing during the event and wave ELM & Elisa/Wes Wiebe of Hawthorne valley Farm of any liability. 

The Emotional Literacy Movement's Kick-start event is taking place on private land by the generosity of Elisa & Wes of Hawthorne Valley Farm, we ask that you respect their space, and land by taking home any garbage or recycling that you bring with you. Leave the space better than when we arrived.

The Emotional Literacy Movement & Elisa/Wes Wiebe of Hawthorne Valley Farm are not liable or responsible for any injury, death or illness during the event, while participants are occupying the land. 

Parents are responsible for their children, The Emotional Literacy Movement and Elisa & Wes Wiebe of Hawthorne Valley Farm are not liable for any injury, death or illness that may occur while children are occupying the land.

You must watch and check-in with your children through-out the event, create boundaries, and complete a safety assessment. The land borders a creek, with a high cliff top, and wild animals also live on the property. Please take caution.

The Emotional Literacy Movement and Elisa & Wes Wiebe of Hawthorne Valley Farm are not liable for any lost or stole items 

Specific areas for camping will be available for tents, if you are unsure where to camp, please as a volunteer.

Auction Prize draws will take place on June 24th at the ELM's Kick-start Fundraiser.

Winners will be announced live, and posted on our social media accounts.

Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize, after which a re-draw will take place live on Facebook.